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Let us see horoscope of Modi ji. Combination of Moon and Mars is very strong in lagna, though moon is debilitated and is of 9 degree but it is in Anuradha Nakshatra which shows strong decision maker. There are many Rajyog in his birth chart and one of these is Nich bhang rajyog [mars + moon]. I mentioned here this rajyog because he is running under saresati of Shani and Moon mahadasha. Jupiter is in Kendra which is blessing of God. Venus and Saturn is in 10th house which shows power to rule. It is extremely powerful horoscope. It shows aggression,full determination, dedication and hard working due to Mars. Moon represents mind and Modi ji has his owm mind.His Jupiter in fourth house shows how popular he is among people as in politics it is important that fourth house should be strong. Another plus point that Jupiter is lord of 2nd and 5th house. It shows his speech is magnetic. Now he is running under Moon/Rahu mahadasha which seems not very favourable in his chart but horoscope of BJP is running under good timing. Present Narendra Modi may face some trouble due to his mahadasha but when Moon/Jupiter mahadasha enters in his life, it is impossible to stop him. Narendra Modi’s chart is god ‘s blessing. Share

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