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Raksha Bandhan 2023 – Is Rakhi on 30 or 31 August? Date, Time, and Significance

Raksha Bandhan is a festival celebrated nationwide with zeal, energy, and enthusiasm. This festival is celebrated to strengthen the bond between brothers and sisters. It signifies the bond of care, togetherness, affection, and trust between them.

On this holy day, the sisters tie Rakhi, a protective band on the wrist of their brothers, and they pray for the longer life of their brothers. The gifts are given by brothers to sisters, who swear to and promise to support and protect them for a lifetime. This festival is celebrated on Purnima or Sharavan month’s full moon day. As per English Calendar, Raksha Bandhan falls in August.

When is Raksha Bandhan? – Is Rakhi on 30 or 31 August? – Date and Muhurta

This year’s Rakhi will be celebrated on 30th August, Wednesday as well as on 31st August 2023, Thursday. However, the primary day of celebrations is 30th August, Wednesday.

The Purnima Tithi will start on 30th August Wednesday at 10:58 AM and end on Thursday, 31st August, at 7:05 AM. The Bhadra is also happening with the full moon till 9:01 PM. Since it’s not considered auspicious to tie Rakhi during the Bhadra and Rahu Kaal, the Rakhi can be tied after 9:01 PM on 30th August 2023. But those who do not consider tying the Rakhi at night can celebrate it on 31st August before 7:05 AM. The reason being the full moon is ending at this time.  

Thus, Rakhi can be tied on both dates considering the Muhurta. As per the best astrologer, it is perfect for securing the Rakhi during the Aparahna time. However, Pradosh time is also considered the best and most promising.

Raksha Bandhan – Significance, Rituals, and Traditions

The brothers and sisters wait for this festival for a long time, and everyone celebrates it with great energy and enthusiasm. The sisters tie Rakhi on the wrist of their brothers. They prepare the thali with Roli (vermilion), diya, sweets, rice, and Rakhi. Sisters perform aarti of their brothers and put Roli tilak on their foreheads. Then, they fasten the Rakhi on their wrist and pray for their health, success, and long life. In some places, a Lumba Rakhi is tied to a bangle of Bhabhi or a brother’s spouse. The brothers give their sisters presents and pledge to save and protect them from harm. The whole spiritual environment is created, and it signifies the importance of this festival.

We wish Happy Raksha Bandhan to everyone! May this festival bring success, prosperity, and happiness to your life!

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