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When will be Vaisakhi 2024

Baisakhi 2024 – 13th April 2024

Baisakhi 2024 – When will be Vaisakhi 2024? Rituals and Celebrations

Baisakhi, or Vaisakhi 2024, is the spring harvest festival, and in the nation, everyone mostly knows about it. This festival primarily signifies the beginning of the harvest season. It is also a time of more fabulous festivities and celebrations for the farmers. Its significant celebrations are in Haryana and Punjab. However, it is recognized by different names nationwide. In West Bengal, it is known as “Pauyela Boishakh,” Bohag Bihu in Assam, and in Tamil Nadu, it’s recognized as Puthandu. Pooram Vishu is its name in Kerala.

This festival of merriment and joy marks the beginning of the Sikh New Year, and it generally falls on the 13th or 14th of April. As per the Hindu Calendar, this auspicious festival is observed on the first day of the month of Vaisakh. Now, let us shed some light on when this festival will be celebrated in 2024 and what its significance and celebrations are.

When is Vaisakhi (Baisakhi) 2024?

This year, in 2024, the festival of Vaisakhi will fall on Saturday, the 13th of April, and people will celebrate it with more tremendous enthusiasm and glory. The famous places where this festival is celebrated are Haryana, Punjab, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala.

Vaisakhi 2024: Rituals and Celebrations

On this auspicious day, there are celebrations usually all across the nation. The farmers thank the Almighty for the start of the new harvest season. The Gurudwaras are decorated magnificently. “Kadah Prasad” is prepared and distributed among the devotees, and “Langars” are being organized. The devotees in Himachal Pradesh pay a visit to the Jwalamukhi Temple and take a dip in the sacred natural hot spring. “Melas” are also organized in some places, and people dance to the music of “Bhangra” and “Gidhha.”

We wish everyone a Very Happy Vaisakhi 2024! May the happiness, joy, prosperity, and success prevail in everyone’s lives!

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