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Holika Dahan and Holi 2021 Date 

Holika Dahan and Holi 2021 Date 

Holika Dahan and Holi 2021 Date | Best astrologer in Delhi

India is a country where all the festivals are celebrated with great energy and enthusiasm. When we speak of festivals, the celebration of colors – Holi has a great name to remember and celebrate. It is one of the major festivals in India that fall every year on different dates. It is also known wit h the different names in various other states. Holi is the festival of colors, and it falls on the Full Moon Day in the Phalgun month and is also known as the Spring Festival. In the remembrance of Holika, the celebration of HolikaDahan is also carried to showcase the victory of good over evil. When is Holi 2021? This year, it would fall on March 29, 2021, Monday, and HolikaDahan is on March 28, 2021, Sunday. The Muhurat Timings of HolikaDahan is 06:54 PM – 09:14 PM (02 Hours 20 Mins). The Purnima Tithi Begins at 03:27 AM, March 28, 2021, will end at 12:17 AM, March 29, 2021. All the adults and children play colors on this day, and the entire marketplace, colonies, and roads are filled with heaps of colors. We wish youHappy Holi! Enjoy the Festival of Colors.

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