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Shardiya Navratri 2023: Start and End Date, Rituals and Significance!

In India, there is a celebration of multiple festivals, and every festival has a unique historical background. Shardiya Navratri, or simply Navratri, a nine-day festival, is one of the most awaited festivals. In Sanskrit, “Nav” resembles nine, and “Ratri” means night. All the devotees wait for and celebrate it with distinguished charm, glory, and faith. It is celebrated and dedicated to Maa Durga, the epitome of Power or Shakti, Energy, and Wisdom. 


There are Chaitra Navratriand Gupt Navratri also. The Shardiya Navratri, which usually falls in September or October, is the most significant one. During this nine-day festival, the various forms of Devi Durga are worshipped. This festival signifies and presents the victory of good over evil and is celebrated with great energy in many ways in different parts of the nation. 


When in Shardiya Navratri 2023? – Start and End Date


This year, Navratri will start on 15th October 2023, Sunday and will end on 24th October 2023, Tuesday. The Durga Puja Ashtami is on 22nd October 2023 Sunday, and the Durga Maha Navmi Puja is on 23rd October 2023 Monday. The Durga Visarjan and Vijay Dashmi (Dussehra) will be observed on the tenth day, i.e., 24th October 2023, Tuesday. The important dates and days are:

# Day 1:15th October 2023, Sunday, Devi Shailputri Puja 

# Day 2:16th October 2023, Monday, Devi Brahmacharini Puja

 # Day 3: 17th October 2023, Tuesday, Devi Chandraghanta Puja 

 # Day 4: 18th October 2023, Wednesday, Devi Kushmanda Puja

 # Day 5: 19th October 2023, Thursday, Devi Skandamata Puja 

 # Day 6: 20th October 2023, Friday, Devi Katyayini Puja 

 # Day 7: 21st October 2023, Saturday, Devi Kaalratri Puja 


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