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Sawan Month 2021

Sawan Month 2021

Sawan Month 2021: Find Date, Puja Vidhi, and Significance

Sawan, the month dedicated to Lord Shiva, is a very auspicious month for all Hindus. Therefore, it holds great significance in Hinduism. The month of Sawan starts after the Ashadh month ends. All Mondays of this month have their importance for fasting and are called Shravan Somwaar or Sawan Somwaar Vrats.  During this month, the devotees observe fast every Monday and worship Lord Shiva for the peaceful and happy life.  This year, there are four Mondays to be followed for Sawan Vrats. However, all Mangalwar or Tuesdays of this month are dedicated to the Goddess Parvati, and fasting on these days is called Mangal Gauri VratHariyali Amavasya and Sawan Shivratri are other holy days during this month. This year Sawan will start on 25th July and will end on 22nd August. The Puja Vidhi can be explained as waking up early, taking a bath, wearing neat & clean clothes, observing fast, and offering prayers at Shiva Temple. Then, perform Abhishek on Shiva Linga with curd, milk, ghee, honey, and water and offer Chandan, belpatra, flowers, and datura. Then recite Shiva Chalisa or Om Mantra or Shiv Strotram. Conclude the Puja by saying Shiva aarti. As per the Hindu belief, if an unmarried woman fasts during this holy month, she is bestowed with a suitable life partner. We wish you all a very Happy Sawan Month 2021!

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